Are you looking to reignite that fire you once had inside of you? Do you feel there is an imbalance in your relationships with others and yourself? Develop that spark and passion in all aspects of your life. We will dive deeply into the tantric energy that is being held back or used in a non-productive way. Learn ways to open up your energy and start flowing freely.
  • Discover Your Life Purpose
  • Learn to Rekindle That Love Inside of You
  • Build Better Relationships
  • Open Up Your Heart for More Passion
  • Bring More Abundance and Prosperity in Your Life


There are times in your lives where we feel stuck and can’t seem to figure out what is needed to get yourself to the next level. Each session we focus on a certain part of your life where you feel needs improvement. Schedule your life coaching session to help with guiding you to your truest potential.


Most of us live in a fast paced world and there are times where we can develop feelings of being spiritually lost/confused, feelings of being alone, not quite fitting in, etc. You do not have to let these feelings rule your life. Seeking spiritual guidance can help transform your life in assisting you on finding the light that shines inside.


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Some people believe you have to completely clear your mind in order to meditate. That can be one challenging task to accomplish without any assistance. Learn the basics of meditation to help yourself go within to relieve the stresses and anxieties of our lives or simply to be at peace.

“It seems that for as long as I can remember, I was searching for something that could not be found. I was raised by an extremely violent father and an alcoholic and neglectful mother. The scars of my early childhood remained throughout my life. By the time I reached my early twenties, I felt an untamable urge to want to be successful, yet every time I achieved a goal that I thought was going to make me content I felt an even greater sense of hollowness. For instance, I earned my undergraduate degree in 1996 and it was not enough, so I then completed my first graduate degree within one year. I then went on to complete my MBA –all in a quest for a better career. Over the next ten years of my career, I went from being an accounting assistant to a CFO of a multimillion dollar company.

To many, I would appear to have the world in my hands. I was married to a great woman, had a child who is so fantastic, owned several properties, cars, money in the bank and no debt. However, it was never enough. I was never happy with myself so the achievements held no value and the emptiness inside grew more and more unbearable every year. I lost all sense of what life was truly about. My subsequent actions led me to have troubles with the law and I ended up incarcerated, divorced and with a strained relationship with my child. When you are incarcerated, you can no longer run from your inner demons–especially when you are spending twenty hours a day locked up in a cell. I knew that I needed to change my life, my values, and my priorities because I was unable to achieve true happiness. I set out on a road that has been painful at times, especially as I emotionally and spiritually started to grow, but I am growing happier and healthier spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

The metamorphosis I feel is similar to that of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. For almost ten months I have been working with Keirstin, whom I considered a God sent a gift and a great friend. Together we have worked on healing the profound scars from my life and seeking the direction of a light path. What is most extraordinary is the environment in which I have been able to heal–in jail. While I still have a long way to go, I have already made so much progress that the changes are prodigious. The way I feel about working with Keirstin and the progress I have made can best be summed up by a line in George MacDonald’s book Lilith, “Out of my dark self, into the light of my consciousness.” I have more hope now for my life than I have ever had, and I owe a great deal of the progress I have made to Keirstin’s help.”



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