Learn to live true to yourself. Release the stress from your life and environment.

Invest in yourself and your well-being. Transform the life around you with simple steps.

Begin to live a higher quality of life and be the MAGICK you want for your life.

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Promotion ends 6/20/18

50% OFF – Be Magick CoachingLEARN TOOLS TO BE THE MAGICK YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE -DO YOU FEEL STUCK IN YOUR SAME PATTERNS? -HAVE YOU LOST YOUR PASSION OR DRIVE FOR YOUR LIFE? -ARE YOU IN NEED OF A LITTLE PUSH TO MOVE TO YOUR NEXT STEPS IN YOUR LIFE? There are times in our lives where we need a bit of guidance to help open up the magick we hold inside. We might know deep down where we are isn’t where we want to be, however, we have no idea how to get there. We might feel this yearning for more in our lives yet can’t seem to pinpoint where to start. BE MAGICK Coaching can help you figure out what magick you are holding back in your life. Keirstin can help bring light to your life through channeling her own magick to support you on your journey. Whether it be a card reading, connecting to Spirit or learning a meditation technique. Each coaching session has it’s own creation to what is needed for each person at that moment.



“Keirstin is exceptional. Born into our chaotic world, her life’s journey has been one of seeking a calm, healing, inner peace. Through her work on this planet she has connected to an inner peace and continues to grow it more every day. By doing so, she has allowed her gift to blossom: the ability to see where healing energy is most needed and to radiate it outward to fill those spaces. From the artwork on her office walls to her gentle, professional touch, she is channeling a healing frequency of peace. In your own chaotic world, you too can find this frequency. Your soul knew peace once. It lies within you still. Keirstin is exceptionally equipped to help you find it again. She has made the choice to walk the path necessary to assist you on that journey. I highly recommend her services.”

“I had my first Reiki session with Keirstin Proud last night. Her energy is so strong, without her putting hands directly on me, there was an immediate presence of energy. I described it like a tractor beam because I can’t think of any other way to describe it but it was very pleasant. It felt like my body was comprised of pixels and some were out of whack and were being pushed back into place. There were presences other than Keirstin in the room:  one was a lady in a green dress who swirled in the air above me showering down bright green feathers into my heart chakra. While she was there, the room was unnaturally freezing cold and a beautiful pink mist formed around the area where the feathers fell. We both felt when the lady left as the room went back to a normal temperature. There was another lady who was moving around the table as well, though I couldn’t get as much detail from her. Keirstin knew where to go and she made me feel great afterwards – reconnected and balanced whereas earlier I had felt restless and uneasy. She also worked on my neck which felt like a cascading shower down my spine. I again had the same feeling of pixels gently being put back into place.  I highly recommend Keirsten. She is a Reiki goddess.”

“When I had come past the 90th invocation of the Latin verse, my house fire alarm went off. I jumped up still holding my prayer beads to check the house but nothing was wrong. Maybe it was the candle I lit earlier but that had been out for awhile. I noticed how hot it was inside even though it was still 70 degrees outside and wouldn’t go up to 90 degrees until later in the day. I sat back down to finish and just after the 108th time I stayed still. I could feel the house cooling down. I could feel a distinct shift in the energy. It wasn’t until then that I realized I hadn’t noticed the build up or the swirl of power but only the leaving. I was very surprised when I figured it all out and I was humbled that I had called in this power.”


I would love to share my experience. Keirstin gave me my first life activation and soul alignment and it definitely changed my life and perspective. It has helped me tune into my deeper conscious and bring positive energy into my life. And with my soul alignment, I was able to learn about my past lives that are causing a barrier on my current life and help unblock these negative effects that are not letting me move forward on my life’s path. I definitely recommend her and I definitely look forward to doing more healings with her as well!!!



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